Palworld Sells One Million Copies Only Eight Hours After Early Access Launch

Palworld’s Early Access Launch Hits 1 Million Copies Sold in Just 8 Hours!

Palworld Early Access Launch: A Promising Start

Palworld, the Pokemon-inspired survival game known for its addition of guns and questionable workplace conditions, was recently released in early access on January 19, 2024, with a generally positive reception. With it came some ups and downs with launch errors, but that didn’t stop over one million players from being interested and invested in the game’s world, as Palworld officially crossed this milestone only eight hours after its launch.

Impressive Sales Figures

According to a post in the official Pocketpair Discord, the team behind Palworld and Craftopia, Palworld has officially sold over one million copies eight hours after the game’s launch on January 19 at midnight PT or 8 AM GMT. Combined with the game’s concurrent Steam players of over 370,000 and growing, we may see the game hit more milestones throughout the day, leading into the weekend.

Irresistible Features

Some of the main selling features driving players to try the game are:

  • Similarities to games like Ark and Pokemon
  • Availability on Xbox Game Pass
  • Introduction of guns to differentiate it

Early postings of streams and videos before the game’s release also helped grow curiosity among the community, contributing to its growing success.

Addressing Initial Issues

Since Palworld’s launch, Pocketpair has released multiple hotfixes to address initial issues, allowing players to:

  • Play on dedicated servers
  • Sync progress between Xbox and PC Game Pass
  • Avoid problems that may prevent them from playing

Positive Reception and Popularity

As of posting, the game has a very positive rating on Steam, with over 2,400 players giving it an 88 percent score. 312,000 Twitch viewers across numerous streams also accompany these stats alongside YouTube channels growing to cover all aspects of the game’s content and secrets.

A Promising Future

Throughout the day and entering the weekend, as more players learn of Palworld’s early access launch, we may see more milestones from Pocketpair’s newest game continue to surface, with growing Steam, Xbox, and social media stats to reflect this.

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