Jeux vidéo : Emmanuel Macron revient sur ses propos polémiques ayant suivi la mort de Nahel et adresse son mea culpa aux "gamers"
              "On a le sentiment que certains d'entre eux vivent dans la rue les jeux vidéos qui les ont intoxiqués". C'est ce que le président de la République avait déclaré fin juin, en pleine émeutes après la mort de Nahel, tué par un policier.

President Macron Apologizes to Gamers After Controversial Video Game Remarks Following Nahel’s Death

“It seems as though some of them are living in the streets, consumed by the video games that have ensnared them.” These were the words spoken by the President of the Republic in late June, amidst riots following the death of Nahel, killed by a police officer.

In the midst of the chaos brought upon by the tragic demise of Nahel at the hands of law enforcement, the President of the Republic voiced his observations in late June. In his statement, he suggested that a number of these individuals appeared to be virtually living on the streets, their lives seemingly overtaken by the immersive world of video games that have held them captive.

Emmanuel Macron, the French President, seeks forgiveness from the gaming community following his controversial remarks. He issued an extensive statement on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Saturday, September 16, addressing the controversial comments he made amidst the riots following Nahel’s death:

“It appears as if some of them are acting out in the streets the video games that have consumed them”

Emmanuel Macron

On the heels of a major e-sport event that drew nearly 30,000 enthusiasts to Accor Arena in Paris, on Friday, Macron chose to extend an olive branch to the gaming community.

“Video games are a culture, a form of entertainment, a spectacle”

“I voiced my concerns,” said the President on X, “because video game codes were being utilised by criminals to trivialise violence on social media networks.” “It is this violence that I condemn, not video games,” the President emphasised. Macron applauds the large-scale events held by gamers and the 100% French creations like Assassin’s Creed or Dofus. “We are proud of them,” Macron reiterated. Last year, the President had already pledged a “new era” for video games, in front of nearly 200 gamers invited to the Elysée.

Some gamers, like Kammeto, who organised the e-sport event at Accor Arena in Paris, felt “betrayed” after the President’s controversial remarks. Gamers often call for more respect and better professionalisation of the industry, especially since at least 10 million French people participate in e-sport. In fact, France has put forth its candidacy to host the e-sport Olympic Games next year.

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