Hasbulla Fans Want Him as a Playable Fighter Following UFC 5 Reveal

UFC 5 Reveal Sparks Demand for Hasbulla as Playable Fighter!

Hasbulla’s UFC Cameo Sparks Hopes for Playable Fighter

Hasbulla, a beloved figure in the UFC despite his small stature, has recently made an appearance in the latest UFC game, leaving fans eager to see him as a playable fighter in the Octagon.

A Surprising Cameo

In a surprising turn of events, Hasbulla was featured in the game alongside fighter Islam Makhachev, who often appears with him in real life. The digital renderings of both characters received high praise, leaving players hopeful for Hasbulla’s future as a fighter.

The Ultimate Matchup: Hasbulla vs. Georges St. Pierre

Fans can’t help but imagine the possibilities of a fight between Hasbulla and Georges St. Pierre. Many even believe that Hasbulla would come out on top. However, it remains to be seen if Hasbulla will transition from a ringside teammate to an actual fighter in the Octagon.

Potential Rule Changes and DLC Fighters

While the idea of Hasbulla facing off against other UFC icons is entertaining, it may require special rules to level the playing field. Additionally, there’s speculation about the inclusion of Hasbulla’s rival, Abdu Rozik, as a downloadable content (DLC) fighter in the future.

Although Hasbulla has not been seen training in the ring before, this cameo could open doors for greater opportunities in the future.

The Demand for Hasbulla

Interestingly, UFC 4 offered a Hasbulla Vanity Bundle, allowing players to customize their characters with a caricatured version of the beloved sports personality. Now, fans are eagerly hoping to see Hasbulla himself as a playable fighter in the game, and they are expressing their demand for it.

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