Halo Infinite is Getting a Playlist of Halo 3 Classics, and a New Mountain Dew-Themed Map

Unforgettable Halo 3 Classics Arrive in Halo Infinite, along with an Epic Mountain Dew Map!

Halo Infinite Season 5 Brings Nostalgia-Bomb Release

Halo Infinite is making a comeback with a brand-new Season 5 update, and the excitement keeps on rolling with an upcoming release that will surely hit players right in the nostalgia feels.

Release Date and Mountain Dew Collaboration

On November 14, Halo fans will be treated to a Halo 3-themed playlist featuring eight new maps. But that’s not all! On November 6, a new flavor of Mountain Dew Game Fuel will be released, further adding to the hype. One of the new maps is inspired by Mountain Dew itself, creating a unique battleground for players to explore. The maps included in this update are:

  • Critical Dewpoint (new)
  • Sylvanus
  • Domicile
  • The Pit (exists in-game, palette-swap)
  • Cliffside
  • High Ground
  • Banished Narrows
  • Isolation

Memorable Maps and Exciting Updates

For Halo veterans, this update is a trip down memory lane. Each map holds a special place in their hearts, including the new addition, Critical Dewpoint, which features a vibrant and radioactive green aesthetic reminiscent of Mountain Dew itself. One of the highlights of this release is the return of The Pit, a fan-favorite map that has been given a fresh update, returning to its Spartan training ground roots.

While fans eagerly await the release of Firefight modes, the Season 5 update serves as a fantastic holdover. The addition of Firefight King of the Hill is expected to arrive sometime “mid-season,” keeping the excitement alive.

So mark your calendars for November 14, grab a can of Mountain Dew Game Fuel, and get ready to dive back into the Halo universe with these thrilling new maps!

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