Unleash Your Inner Overachiever with Honkai’s Game-Changing Battlepass Update!

Expansion of Nameless Honor

In the 1.5 update for Honkai: Star Rail, a significant enhancement has been made to the Nameless Honor. Players now have the opportunity to advance beyond the previous level cap of 50, with the new maximum reaching level 70.

Introducing New Features

Map and Tool Updates

  • Fyxestroll Garden Map: The Honkai: Star Rail Map tool has been updated to include this new location.
  • Updated Tools: Players can expect fresh content in the Battle Records, Leveling Calculator, and HoYoWiki.

Visit the official website for more details: Honkai: Star Rail Update

Leveling Rewards Enhancement

While the jump from levels 50 to 70 doesn’t come with unique rewards, players are compensated with additional resources:

  • Standard Free Version: Earn 10,000 Credits for each level gained past 50.
  • Nameless Glory & Medal: Unlock 20 Relic Remains per new level.

Credits are crucial for character enhancement, while Relic Remains facilitate the crafting of new relics.

Battlepass Adjustments

The focus of the update is not to prolong the Battlepass but to reward players who swiftly achieve Level 50 with benefits to tide them over until the next Battlepass cycle.

Unlocking Nameless Glory

Reaching Level 50 and investing in the second tier grants players:

  • An instant reward of 680 Stellar Jades.
  • The Battlepass has been adjusted to include 200 Relic Remains in place of Stellar Jades.


This update may seem modest, but it significantly rewards players for their dedication by providing extra resources for character growth. The additional Relic Remains are a boon for crafting, heralding the end of resource grinding woes.

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