Remnant 2 Showcases Chaos and Betrayal in Awakened King Launch Trailer

Unleashing Chaos and Betrayal: Awakened King Launch Trailer Reveals Remnant 2

Remnant 2: The Awakened King DLC

Remnant 2 has today debuted its first DLC The Awakened King, expanding upon the area of Losomn. With that launch, they also debuted a brand-new trailer which you can see below.

The One True King

The trailer begins by showing off The One True King, the main antagonist of the DLC. The King firmly believes that anyone and everyone within his kingdom is out to betray him, so he slaughters most and continues to do so at the slightest sign of defiance. He rules with cruelty, though he believes the world would be awash with chaos had he shown more kindness. Clearly, that hasn’t worked out too well, though that’s beside the point.

Glimpses of the Awakened King

Alongside his narration, we get our first glimpses of what The Awakened King has to offer. Beneath the King’s castle reigning high above all else across this Dran world, a fishing village suffers under his rule and looks as dreary as you’d expect from Losomn. Amidst plenty of signs of fisherman life are pyres showing clearly tortured Dran and half-destroyed homes. In between are more than enough threats, both new and old, to bring you down.

However, it isn’t completely hopeless. Also shown during the trailer was the new Ritualist Archetype, set to release with the DLC. This Archetype has all sorts of spells to cast that seemingly will cause quite a bit of damage. There are even glimpses of a few new weapons and powers, though details are clearly being held for you to find.

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