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Unlock EA FC 24 Transfer Market Web And Companion App – Step-by-Step Guide

EA Sports has released a comprehensive guide on how players can access the Transfer Market in the EA FC 24 game, even if they don’t own the game yet. The guide also provides instructions on what to do if players don’t have access to the Transfer Market or if they have been banned.

To ensure a safe experience for all players, EA Sports has implemented rules that need to be followed in order to unlock access to the Transfer Market. The guide emphasizes that the only way to gain access is by playing the game, and advisors cannot grant access or provide specific timelines for when access will be granted.

If players don’t have automatic access to the Transfer Market in the Web or Companion app, they will need to earn access in-game. The time it takes to unlock the Transfer Market is influenced by factors such as the account’s history and standing, the number of different Ultimate Team accounts used on the same device, and the number of active days played in Ultimate Team.

It’s important to note that playing more than three matches per day won’t increase the chances of unlocking the Transfer Market. The guide provides examples of how many active days of playing it typically takes to gain access, depending on the account’s standing and the number of accounts used on a device.

Players will be notified when they have earned access to the Transfer Market through an in-game message or by checking the Web and Companion App. However, if a player has been banned from using the Transfer Market on the Web and Companion Apps for breaking the rules, they can still use the in-game Transfer Market on their PC or console.

In cases where an account is fully blocked from using the Transfer Market, both in-game and on the Web and Companion Apps, players will receive an email explaining the reasons for the block. EA Sports takes these measures to maintain a positive, fair, and safe community for all players.

It’s also worth noting that Transfer Market bans from previous FIFA games won’t carry over to EA FC 24, but players will still need to earn access to the Market when playing EA FC for the first time. However, franchise bans from the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise will affect a player’s ability to access the Transfer Market in EA FC.

Overall, the guide provides a comprehensive overview of how players can access the Transfer Market in the EA FC 24 game, as well as what to do in case of restrictions or bans. By following the guidelines and playing the game in accordance with the rules, players can unlock the Transfer Market and enhance their Ultimate Team experience.

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