28.000 fans de la Karmine Corp à Paris La Défense Arena, ce samedi 16 septembre : "On veut montrer qu'on est un des plus grands clubs du monde"
                  Près de 30.000 personnes vont assister ce samedi soir 16 septembre, au KCX3 organisé par la Karmine Corp, à la Paris La Défense Arena de Nanterre. Ce club d'esport français ultra populaire souhaite marquer les esprits avec cet événement record en France et en Europe. Entretien avec son PDG, Arthur Perticoz.

Unprecedented eSports Event: 30k Fans to Flood Paris La Défense Arena for Karmine Corp Showdown This Saturday!

A crowd nearing 30,000 is set to gather this Saturday evening, September 16th, at the KCX3 hosted by Karmine Corp, within the confines of the Paris La Défense Arena in Nanterre. This ultra-trendy French esports club aims to make a lasting impression with this record-setting event, not only in France but across Europe. We had the opportunity to sit down with its CEO, Arthur Perticoz.

On the Verge of Its Third Birthday, Karmine Corp Amps Up the Esports Scene

As Karmine Corp approaches its third birthday and a week on from its fourth European victory in League of Legends, the esports titan is pulling out all the stops for the third Karmine Corp Experience, or KCX3, at Paris La Défense Arena in Nanterre on September 16.

From a humble start at the Carrousel du Louvre in the aftermath of the pandemic, to scaling up to the Accor Hotel Arena in Bercy, the French club, known for its fiercely loyal and energetic fan base – the blue wall – is hitting a new high for French esports. Between 28,000 and 29,000 people are expected to fill the venue in a high-voltage atmosphere that combines video game matches, a concert, and updates on the club’s future. This meteoric rise is a testament to the hard work of the club’s founders, YouTuber-turned-rapper Prime, and streamer Kameto. We caught up with the club’s CEO, Arthur Perticoz, to find out what the future holds for Karmine Corp.

franceinfo: What does filling up La Défense Arena mean for Karmine Corp?

Arthur Perticoz: Packing out Paris La Défense Arena is quite extraordinary. It’s a feat usually reserved for the biggest artists and professional sports clubs. So for us at Karmine Corp, particularly for the founders Kameto and Prime who built this from the ground up, to gather 28,000 people is truly phenomenal.

With each event, you’re filling larger venues. Where will it end?

It’s true, the growth of our events has been incredible. We started with a few thousand people, then Bercy with its 12,000 seats, and now we’re heading to Paris La Défense Arena where we’re expecting between 28,000 and 29,000 people. The club will only be three years old in November 2023. So this rapid, mind-boggling growth begs the question: what’s next?

Is there a limit to all this? We’ve tested the waters with a venue that can hold between 20,000 and 40,000 people. Today, we know we can pull in 29,000 but who knows, maybe one day we could fill a stadium like Parc des Princes or Stade de France?

What does a successful esports show look like for Karmine Corp?

In my view, a successful esports show, or any show for that matter, is one that leaves a lasting impression. Nothing is worse than attending a movie, a concert, an event, and forgetting all about it six months later. We want to make a lasting impact. This is an event that brings together the entire Karmine family: fans, players, players’ families, agents, game publishers, competitors, the founders’ families…

So we really want it to be a memorable experience. I’d love it if at the end, people were left wondering if we could top this? Because that would mean we’ve created something truly wonderful, and it opens up exciting possibilities for the future.

KCX events are quite unique in the world of esports and sports events. What’s their purpose?

KCX is truly one of a kind. So far, we’re pretty much the only club in the world that can pull this off. In France and Europe, we’re the only ones bold enough to try, especially on this scale. With 28,000 attendees, this is the biggest event in the world. For us, the goal is to bring the community together. So it’s a landmark.

They say love lasts three years. The club is three years old. And we want people to leave this event thinking, “Okay, my love isn’t just for three years, it’s going to continue on and on.” It’s a powerful, poignant moment.

“It’s also a statement to the industry: ‘Yes, it’s possible, Karmine Corp can do it.’ We want to show that we’re one of the biggest clubs in the world.”

Arthur Perticoz, CEO of Karmine Corp

to franceinfo

Where does Karmine Corp stand in its evolution?

Karmine has had two phenomenal years. The growth in the first two years was insane, so fast-paced! From zero to something that’s probably the most explosive phenomenon in modern esports history. That’s why the third year, the one we’re currently wrapping up, has been a year of stabilization. We’ve been laying down the groundwork, strengthening, consolidating, ensuring we’re ready to take the next step in the coming years.

We’ve made working with or for Karmine even more enjoyable, even more robust, ensuring people have answers to their questions and that fans can see and feel a significant evolution in areas that matter to them: merchandising, events, and performance. All of this has opened up new possibilities, which we’ll be announcing during the third Karmine Corp Experience.

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