How to Get a Superpowered Spacesuit Early in Starfield

Every player knows how important it is to find advantages in video games. In Starfield, it seems we have a hidden golden nugget. Not sure if this was intended by Bethesda, but we’re not going to pass it up!

Starfield: A Rich Universe

Starfield is the new kid on the block in the space gaming scene, but it has already garnered a lot of attention. Imagine a vast, open universe, where every planet is a new adventure. Plus, with Game Pass, you can get it for a pretty good price!

In such a universe, having the right equipment is crucial. How about having a superpowered spacesuit right at the start of the game? That could be a game-changer, right?

According to PrimaGames, it’s possible to get this special suit early on in your Starfield adventure.

How to Obtain the ‘Mark I Spacesuit’ Armor?

Head to the Lodge and go down the stairs. Once in the basement, simply follow the path shown in the video above and head to the room at the end which contains a few paintings as well as the Mark I Spacesuit. If you maneuver delicately around the glass, slightly tilting the joystick, you’ll eventually see a prompt “Mannequin” instead of “Glass (Master)”. Press the action button, and this suit will be yours. Yes, it’s as simple as that 😀

Why is this suit special?

Imagine wearing armor that not only protects you from the dangers of space, but also gives you exceptional abilities with insane stats…

Spacesuit Stats

Suit Part NamePhys ResistanceEnergy ResistanceEM ResistanceMass
MARK I Spacesuit1201361287.50
MARK I Space Helmet6664682.30
MARK I Pack66641687.10

Tips for using the ‘MARK I’ suit

Here are some tips to get the most out of it:

Test all its capabilities as soon as you get it.

Remember to upgrade it regularly.

Never underestimate its potential.

Starfield offers an unforgettable space adventure. With the discovery of this superpowered suit early in the game, your experience will be all the richer (or easier? :D)

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